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lørdag, 8. december 2018, 04:11

Some users tried justifying why gay pride was not political but racial pride was, with a single user on the MS2 Mesos sub-reddit stating that it's more of a"celebration" than it's a"motion".Having homosexual pride substance within MapleStory 2 is obviously a sociopolitical gesture predicated on identitarianism. The simple fact that particular forms of identitarianism is permitted in MapleStory 2 while other forms aren't is a clear instance of Nexon applying double standards to the user-generated marketplace.

This fits based on what YouTuber TheQuartering brought out by mentioning that Nexon is obviously playing favorites when it comes to the politics enabled in the game.As mentioned in the Kotaku bit, words like"trump" and"pornography" are prohibited and items in the Meret Marketplace cannot include those words. However, Nexon shows its hypocrisy by enabling users to post up material and items linked to Obama, as pictured below.

The Kotaku narrative rounds out by minding the visual appeal of Trump masks and MAGA hats, while also attempting to conflate them with white supremacy, writing"One player who wished to remain anonymous told Kotaku which they've seen items like this about the Meret Market because the game's official release on October 10. "It is really obvious," they said. "People will market in world chat stations to purchase their brand new items, and its often a MAGA hat or something. And the players putting up these designs for sale are rewarded with sport currency." On the MapleStory 2 subreddit, players have shared pictures of characters sporting Trump masks and MAGA hats just as far back as three months past."

"[...] It is not clear who are making and downloading these items. They might be trolls. They could also be real white supremacists seeking to amuse people, as some have claimed to have performed in other online games. No matter what, it's upsetting than an impressionable child could discover white supremacist content at a chipper-looking game just by looking for the phrase"joyful," and MapleStory 2's programmers will triumph in their stated attempts to"speed up the reaction time" to players' reports." Buy MapleStory2 Mesos

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