onsdag, 29. juni 2016, 21:22

Get the candles and cake ready because World of Tanks Blitz is soon to turn two years old, and it’s still only the beginning of our journey. In just two years, World of Tanks Blitz has mobilized on four platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows 10, and Mac, becoming one of the first truly cross-platform and multi-platform free-to-play titles.

Over 55 million players have joined us so far. Since launch, you’ve had more than 590 million battles; turned 5.6 billion tanks to scrap; and collectively spent over 4390 years in-game—that’s a lot of dedicated players out there!

“Today, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for the time you’ve shared with us,” said Artem Safronov, World of Tanks Blitz Global Publishing Producer. “We hope you have enjoyed playing the game as much as we have enjoyed making it. It’s thanks to your passion and constant feedback that we have made World of Tanks Blitz the game it is today.”


tirsdag, 19. december 2017, 12:24

Common guys. This game has become a pay-to-win game now. Unless you just want to hang out for killing time, stay away from it. The game lures into being one of those heroes with top scoring nerds they strategically created by manipulating match-making, and you get sucked in; then you are already in trouble. The match-making in the game is highly sofisticated process basically designed you to pay and buy golds and credits. The game was popular before and credited with five stars but now only two in editor's choice. The game is basically based on gambling psychology in the process. The programme analyze the pattern of game players and put out match-making accordingly. GMA network inc , For those in school age, just don't start! A big waste of time. It is equally as dangerous game as casino. It is not just a tank toy game it presents in the show. Kido, stay away from this addictive game.

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