fredag, 20. november 2015, 20:46

Cynane is the latest Commander to be added to Free-to-Play, team strategy game, Total War: ARENA, in a new update now live.

Cynane’s formidable tenacity on the battlefield is mirrored by her four unique commander orders, playable now in Total War: ARENA.

Shock creates a scattering cavalry charge that ramps up in intensity over time.

Slaughter will damage and kill enemies that have been knocked to the ground beneath your unit, making it an excellent companion to the Shock order and delivering a devastating blow to the enemy.

Barrage allows your archer unit to fire volley after volley in quick succession for a brief period, often providing the difference between victory and defeat in a skirmish.

Hunt allows you to mark an enemy unit and maintain line of sight on it, even after it leaves your visibility, an excellent way to track down fleeing enemies.

Half-sister of Alexander, Cynane was trained in the Illyrian tradition, teaching her martial arts and to ride, hunt and track, which combined with her military knowledge led her to many victories.
Her courage in battle is legendary, as is her slaying of the Illyrian Queen Caeria and great slaughter of their army.

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