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mandag, 9. november 2015, 20:37

Music plays a key role in the Fallout series, and for good reason. Music is how people express themselves. Music can set the tone for an experience. Music captures the spirit of a time. In short, music is a signal to the player. It reminds you of the when and where.

That’s especially important when wandering through the Wasteland because Fallout 4 is an experience that’s suffused with nostalgia – both for previous Fallout games and for a world that was left behind. Much in the same way that you might see an old car or an oversized computer and you’re immediately filled with a sense of wonder about what came before, the right music can trigger all kinds of responses. At times it’s a happy sense of nostalgia – but when heard against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic wasteland, it can take on a more wistful flavor. In other cases, it’s a sad song about a lost love, which can help remind players about all they’ve lost – and, perhaps, what they might have to gain as they forge ahead. At still other times, it’s a peppy period pop song – perfect for those moments when (in the words of this video below) you’re “ready to %#$@ some $%*# up.”

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