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torsdag, 29. oktober 2015, 20:04

German developer Sandbox Interactive today announced that the Closed Beta of the first truly cross-platform sandbox MMORPG Albion Online is slated for 23rd of November. The first ones to experience the magical World of Albion will be the Legendary Founders, with the Epic Founders and Veteran Founders joining on the 24th and 25th of November respectively.

“We are eager to finally lock the date of the Closed Beta and relieve our beloved community from any further launch date speculations”, said Stefan Wiezorek, Founder & CEO of Sandbox Interactive. “After the success of the various Alpha tests and a very intense and focused period of development since the end of our Summer Alpha, we are happy with our progress so far and can’t wait for our growing community to join us in this important next step towards the final launch of Albion Online.”

Since the last Alpha test, Albion Online received a number of new and exciting features along with numerous system polishes, including:

Combat System Overhaul – Rebalanced system with new skills (and skillshots), spells and armor available

Treasure Chests and Shrines – Valuable loot and new places located in PvP areas to craft enchanted gear

Upgradable Private Islands – Upgradable Personal and Guild Islands with more room for building and farming

Labourers – Hirable NPCs for resource collection

Learning Point Overhaul – This became a bonus system to progress through the new Destiny Board

Premium Accounts – Will, among others, grant additional loot from killed mobs as well as allow faster progression through the Destiny Board

Players can participate in Albion Online’s Closed Beta by becoming a Founder:


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