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torsdag, 30. juli 2015, 20:15

MSI announces that MSI Notebooks are now upgradeable to the latest operating environment, WINDOWS 101.

As a pioneer in the notebook industry, MSI is the world’s first notebook manufacturer to offer WINDOWS 10 operating system. After completing a series of strict and detailed comparability tests on MSI notebooks, MSI users can now easily apply the latest operating environment, the WINDOWS 10, onto their gaming weapons.

The most tempting feature of WINDOWS 10 for gamers is undoubtedly the support of DirectX 12. With NVIDIA GeForce GTX 900 Series graphics cards, it is possible to activate DirectX 12 which sports a vastly better threading model than the five-year-old DirectX 11. That is to say, DirectX 12 can offer a much more improved graphics performance. Users may experience even more exquisite graphics details and 3D effects whereas the system needs only half of the time to complete the task as before. Microsoft also claims that WINDOWS 10 can reduce up to 50 percent power consumption under proper conditions.

MSI gaming notebooks are all equipped with NVIDIA GeForece GTX 900 Series graphics cards. MSI notebook users may easily upgrade the operating system to WINDOWS 10, and experience straight away the complete DirectX 12 extreme effects.

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