torsdag, 7. februar 2013, 20:36

Yesterday we had the new MyDigitalSSD BP4 240GB on the test bench and were impressed with its price, price to performance ratio and industry leading notebook battery life performance. Today we have the 120GB model.

Last month we also started a quest to look at some of the newest 120/128GB SSDs and the BP4 fits right in. In 2012, we observed this capacity size starting to change, for the worst. Companies started making 128GB models with just four or eight NAND flash chips. We've shown in the past something car guys have always known, there's no replacement for displacement. A majority of SSD performance comes from parallel operations, reading and writing to several or all of the flash at the same time. The same concept one-step back in the storage world is called RAID.

The good news for shoppers is that NAND flash is getting faster. Toshiba's new 19nm Toggle 2 is faster than the 32nm and 24nm of yesterday. Another good thing is that some SSD manufactures aren't trying to cut corner.

Link: TweakTown


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