torsdag, 7. februar 2013, 08:41

The MyDigitalSSD BP4 uses the newly refined S8 controller and pairs it with the newest in NAND flash technology. Toshiba released 19nm Toggle 2 NAND last year and a few products took advantage of the technology. The most well-known product was Plextor's M5 Pro, but BP3 used it as well. The new version, version B, doubles the page size to 16K. This increases sequential performance and the new Toggle 2 version B also costs less than the first 19nm.

Lower prices and new cutting edge technology, it sounds like something My Digital would latch on to and bring to market before anyone else. The BP4 2.5" drives are here in the lab, but not listed at Amazon just yet.

Link: TweakTown


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