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søndag, 3. februar 2013, 22:44

For years, Cooler Master has been a brand synonymous with enthusiast computer hardware. From cases such as the CM Storm Scout II, to peripherals such as the CM Storm Sonuz, Cooler Master has produced many high quality products for gamers and computer aficionados. Today, we will be looking at another product in the Cooler Master Storm series, the CM Storm QuickFire TK mechanical keyboard. Like the original CM Storm QuickFire Rapid, the QuickFire TK has been shortened length-wise. But rather than going tenkeyless and removing the entire number pad, Cooler Master has opted to merge it with the navigation/arrow keys. Aesthetically, the QuickFire TK comes fully backlit and features a steel back plate for long-lasting durability. Similar to other Cooler Master mechanical keyboards, the CM Storm QuickFire TK offers several Cherry MX mechanical key switch options: red, brown, and blue. Today, we will be looking at the Cherry MX Blue version. I personally own a Cherry MX Blue keyboard (Razer Blackwidow), so I'm curious to see how this keyboard fares in comparison. However, I do advise you to do a little research on each key switch type before taking the plunge – they are each different enough to really alter your experience. Blues provide discrete tactile and audible feedback, while Reds are completely linear switches.

Link: NeoSeeker


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