søndag, 27. januar 2013, 20:13

Today we test the Kraken X60, see NZXT recently unleashed the Kraken X60 liquid cooler and we just had to review this mythological beast.

Now then, first a history lesson. I'm sure you've all seen Pirates of the Caribbean, HAR! The name Kraken derives from the Norse from Draken, sea-dragons. The Kraken is a mythical sea monster that attacked ships out in its territory. Different myths have different Kraken theory but all are similar. Some believe Kraken was the world's largest squid, others said he was brother of the Loch Ness, Kraken has also been known to be a whale, a monster with horns (in Rampart) and even a dinosaur-type lizard. The Kraken was supposed to have very large tentacles, which could seize even the largest ships. Like the Midgard serpent in the Norse myths, the Kraken was supposed to rise to the surface at the end of the world.

Link: Guru3D


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