torsdag, 24. januar 2013, 21:08

Towards the end of last year we saw Kingston expand the popular HyperX line with a new high-end series within it. The new HyperX Predator PC3-19200 dual channel kit did a good job of impressing us with a strong overclock and strong performance in general. Today we see Kingston have expanded the series HyperX series even further with the addition of the new Beast series. These days the HyperX series is actually quite large being separated into three lines starting with the Blu series followed by the slightly higher end Genesis series and topping out at the Predator series.

Within each of those series we have a further three series bringing a total of nine different names under the HyperX label. We won't go any further than that, but as you can tell, we've got quite a decent amount of RAM that falls under the popular HyperX name. The new Beast kit falls under the Predator series sits as the second highest series at the moment with kits coming in at up to 2400MHz DDR. The actual Predator series on the other hand goes as high as 2666MHz DDR.

With all that said and done let's move onto the actual RAM kit itself. Looking below you can see that Kingston has moved away from the traditional blue heatsink that we see most the time and instead opted for a black one here. It's a good looking heatsink that like so many are ruined by a green PCB.

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