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fredag, 11. januar 2013, 20:44

For those of you who are aware of Mionix and some of their previous products, you may very well be aware of the Naos naming of their mice. There has been the Naos 3200 and the Naos 5000, both of which are named relative to their maximum DPI. That isn't to say that Mionix is solely based on mice, they have a mechanical keyboard, mouse feet, and many mouse pads available as well. Just by investigating the products and their specifications for each on the site, I can clearly see that Mionix is right with the current trends in peripherals, and are using high-end components and parts to make their products shine a little brighter than most other offerings currently on the market.

The reason why I mentioned the Naos naming is because we are going to be looking at the third generation Naos today, the laser sensor based Naos 8200. I don't want to say too much about what is included because I will be very in depth with it on the next page. What I will say is that this ergonomically shaped, right-handed mouse, on paper looks to be nothing but a top notch offering.

Along with the Naos 8200 I was also sent the Ensis 320, which is an aluminum mouse pad that is specially treated to limit data loss in the mouse laser. So stick with me as I take you through the technical and opinionated side of the Mionix Naos 8200 and the Ensis 320, as we try to figure out what Mionix is all about and just how well their products perform.

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