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torsdag, 10. januar 2013, 18:01

That isn't to say that mice with all those added benefits are in any ways bad. Some of my favorite mice have had some really in-depth software, and with the way those mice were designed, without the software, some of them would not have been so nice to use long term. What usually comes associated with most mice that have the latest and greatest components, and wan full control via software, they usually don't come cheap. Here again, AZiO not only wants to rid you of the hassle of using it, they also don't want you to have to dig all the way to the bottom of your pocket to be able to afford this solution.

The latest submission from AZiO hits our desk with the Levetron GM-2000 mouse we are going to be looking at in depth today. As I mentioned, the idea here is to deliver a usable product that everyone would like, except for the left-handers out there. AZiO brings forth a bit of style, a bunch of comfort, and releases users from the trials of customizing a mouse with software. What you are about to see is an affordable solution in mice that looks at the way mice are used today in a different light, but still offering a product that is aesthetically pleasing enough for even the most picky of customers.

I do think you should stick around, as I truly believe that the Levetron GM-2000 is a mouse that will make you overlook the lower specifications of components inside the mouse, and just learn to enjoy the style of product that this mouse is.

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