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onsdag, 9. januar 2013, 21:23

Today we will be taking a look at MSI's GTX 650 Ti Power Edition graphics card. The release of the GeForce GTX 650 Ti rounds out the Kepler based GPU lineup that began last year in March 22nd 2012 with the launch of NVIDIA's GTX 680. Since that time, NVIDIA has launched a barrage of graphics cards in every price point ranging from the pricey GTX 690 all the way down to the entry level GTX 650.
MSI's GTX 650 Ti PE has been designed for best-in-class performance, being up to 1.5 times faster than the GTX 550 Ti while at the same time consuming up to 22% less power. The GTX 650 Ti has also been designed to offer top performance when gaming at 1920x1080 resolution, further offering gamers an excellent choice of upgrade over prior entry level GPU's.

The GTX 650 Ti PE has been built around the same GK106 GPU that was first introduced with the launch of the GTX 660. Although the GTX 650 Ti retains many of the features of the GTX 660, it has been trimmed down in a few key areas. Most notably we see a reduction in the overall CUDA core count down from 960 implemented in the GTX 660 to 768 seen in the GTX 650 Ti. The SMX units have also been reduced to 4, one less than the GTX 660. Another key feature that has been removed is NVIDIA's GPU boost.

Link: NeoSeeker


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