fredag, 28. december 2012, 14:34

Intel is back again with another MLC/SandForce Based drive sporting Intel’s customized firmware. This drive is the newest in Intel’s 300 Series of Solid State Drives. The Intel SSD 335 we are going review today is basically an update to the 330. The 335 is sporting faster and more power efficient 20nm NAND Flash Memory. There are probably some firmware improvements to go along with the newer NAND but overall the 335 is a 330 with 20nm NAND Flash.
The 330 came in a variety of sizes 60GB, 120GB, 180GB, and 240GB. The 335 breaks with traditional size offerings and comes in a one size fits all 240GB capacity. We’re not sure how much sense this makes because the 335 is a mainstream drive and 120GB mainstream drives outsell all others.

Link: Real World Labs


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