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onsdag, 19. december 2012, 07:40

The price of SSDs has been declining for sometime, and it has reached to the sub $1 per gigabyte range now. While it is still not dirt-cheap like the mechanical drive, it has reached a price point where it is affordable, especially the 120GB version that offers enough space for your OS and commonly used applications for a little over $100. If you are looking for a gift for techies out there for this holiday, the SSD certainly would make a good choice. Whether you are using a desktop or a laptop, upgrading to an SSD would be one of the easiest and most tangible improvements that one would notice in a PC. Even for a slightly older PC, an SSD upgrade would breathe new life into the old machine, making applications load faster and the PC boot up quicker.

The shift towards more portable devices like the Ultrabook means that every little bit of space counts in order to make a portable system powerful. Traditional mobile storage often comes in the 9.5 mm form factor but as laptops are getting slimmer for greater portability, the storage height has been reduced to 7 mm. The Silicon Power’s latest Slim S70 is designed not only for desktop and notebooks, but also for these ultra-portable Ultrabooks with its 7 mm height. Let’s dig in and see what Silicon Power Slim S70 has to offer.

Link: Bjorn3D


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