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lørdag, 3. november 2012, 09:04

ROCCAT looked at its available lineup and for some reason decided to go back to the basics with its latest release. Just like in the days of Unreal Tournament or even Doom and Quake, there wasn't a need for all of the pomp and circumstance that today's mice bring to the table. All you needed then was a good scroll wheel for accurate weapons swapping, and a left click button to spray the competition with your weapon of choice. Then the games were so fast and action packed, unless you were lucky enough to find the Jump Boots and make it to the top of a tower, you didn't even need the right click button, as aiming for long distance kills just didn't seem to happen much back then. We all remember using our basic mice and were very capable of doing just that, and it seems this is the idea ROCCAT is leaning to for this new mouse.

Almost like stepping back in time, today we will be getting up close and personal with the LUA from ROCCAT. This three-button mouse does offer a bit of the new age technology that makes today's mice so appealing, but only enough to get the job done without adding anything more than a little flash of LED lighting to spruce things up and a DPI button to make your time using the LUA as easy as possible making for a really enjoyable experience. On top of that, the LUA and its simple layout made it very easy for them to design this latest optical mouse ambidextrous in design so that right and left handed users can reap the benefits of the ROCCAT LUA.

Stick with me on this one. A three button mouse may not sound so appealing to today's gamers, but I can assure you, the LUA offers enough that I feel it is well worth your time to check this mouse out.

Link: TweakTown


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