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fredag, 2. november 2012, 20:40

In the run up to its launch in 2007 expectations of Assassin's Creed were huge. Pretty much everything Ubisoft were showing about the game sold it to gamers, especially the ability to roam rooftops and take part in some great looking combat. When it arrived like many titles it would have been near impossible to live up to the hype but that said Ubisoft had delivered an interesting, entertaining and more importantly quality game to market. Sales were great, sequels/prequel followed and the great basis for the game mechanic evolved through those games, each time refining the experience for gamers.

We last saw the Assassin's Creed brand around a year ago in the form of Revelations, expanding on the characters we had previously seen. As the title might suggest though it wasn't a main entry in the AC franchise, more an expansion of what we had seen before as we continued to build to key events.

With Revelations filling our AC needs in 2011 and Brotherhood doing the same in 2010 that gave Ubisoft time to focus on Assassin's Creed 3 which had a development cycle starting in early 2010. Now nearly three years later the game is ready for release and should bring a conclusion to the plot which has run through the main games in the franchise.

Link: HardwareHeaven


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