lørdag, 20. oktober 2012, 10:43

Today I will be taking a look at the NZXT HUE RGB LED Controller, a case lighting system that is pegged as an all in one solution to case lighting. Now as many of you will know there are no shortages of options when it comes to chassis modification, especially when it comes to lighting, so why should you bother even looking at this one and does NZXT have something new to offer to the market in terms of case lighting? well if the specifications are anything to go by, then the answer is definitely yes.

The HUE is designed to take case lighting to the next level, both in terms of customisation options and simplicity and with the promise of infinite colour options through the use of three simple dials it certainly sounds like NZXT have delivered on both front here, but today we’ll be taking a look at exactly what you get for your money when the HUE. The product is marketed at $32 US, which is a little over £20 here in the UK, so its not exactly expensive, given that NZXT have a good reputation for being a premium manufacturer.

Link: eTeknix



søndag, 9. februar 2014, 16:18

Ja, Danke! Genau das. Habe ICH gesucht!

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