tirsdag, 22. maj 2018, 21:44

Today I passed by Ikea and picked up 4 boxes of tiny little mirrors, I think there is 8 mirrors in each box and first of all it took forever getting trough that huge store, it's quite far from where I live and lastly, god damn they are heavy little things!
I'm totally exhausted from that trip....
But ir's part of the plan, so everything should still hold up ;)

I'm going to be super busy tomorrow, there is a lot to do before the reveal:

* Make a hole in a shelf for my closet cooling solution.
* Mount set shelf im closet including 3x ML140 Pro LED fans
* Install fancy mirrors in closet
* Paint the air tunnel so moisture will not be a problem.
* Maybe install a fan inside each airtunnel, to help the ML140 at the beginning of it?
* Install dust filters in airtunnel
* Setup the new monitor
* Re-mount the old monitor in a new spot
* Take awesome pictures of the whole shebang !
* Reveal on thursday!!

There have been some minor changes to the system the past few days, like it will not have a magnet mounted quick release for the front/top cover, it was too difficult to make it work with the USB and power button also mounted on the front, and the fact that my clever little m.2 cooling solution makes the perforated side panel rattle due to turbulence, well that just means it will be with open side panels.

So I think I will mainly focus my time on the actual build reveal for thursday, and then the rest maybe later on thursday or in the coming days after, but I will try to get as much done as possible tomorrow.

For now I just need to relax, have unwrapped the new monitor and really enjoy it even that is is just temporary set up in this spot for now, it's HUUUGE!

See you sson with more finished work ;)


torsdag, 24. maj 2018, 12:06


Just kidding, but bare with me - im post processing the pics I just took, just a few more minutes and you will see ;)


torsdag, 24. maj 2018, 13:25

Re-posted i 1. post hvis ikke du har set det der kommer det igen her: :finger:

24/5-18 13:23 (sorry for the delay) FINISHED PICTURES, LETS REVEL THIS PANDA!

A big thanks for everyone showing an interest in this build, it's been a long journey and it does not stop here, I'm still not done with the closet to put it in or the new desk setup, so will do some little updates as that comes along to.

But the main attraction is done:

It's a really really tight fit to make everything I wanted possible in this case, but I did it!

Bonus beauty shot:

My re-made GPU cooler and active m.2 cooler is both working like a dream

That slim 15mm fan was a really good idea, on top of a AquaComputer Kryo M2

Everything from my extended PSU mount, to my external EPS cables and my tons of fans are blending in pretty neatly IMO.

If I had not made a long build log about it, then you would probably not have a clue about all the work I have gone trough, I have exchanged every screw and pop rivet in the case, painted, put vinyl, drilled and more on all surfaces.

It was already a very rare and unique case to begin with, now even more so.

And now, the killer panda!

The really strong sunlight played monkey tricks on me, it is red and black, not orange, will try and get better pictures indoors another day.

Will finish up with the closet and desk setup in the coming days, stay tuned if interested in that ;)


torsdag, 24. maj 2018, 13:37

Hvor er det et godt stykke arbejde!


torsdag, 24. maj 2018, 13:53

Hvor er det et godt stykke arbejde!

Takker :)

Jeg er lidt stolt over at mine total bananas tegninger i Sketchup faktisk er virkelighed nu

Der var engang det bare var piperensere, nu er det den ægte vare



torsdag, 24. maj 2018, 14:36


Det ser sgu fedt ud!

The Hoff - Mansens 80er Retro PC
| NZXT H700i| Gigabyte Aorus X370 Gaming 5 | Ryzen 1700 @4.0GHZ | 4x8GB Trident RGB 3200Mhz @2933 Mhz RGB | MSI 1080 Armor OC 8GB | Be Quiet Dark Power Pro 11 650W | 1x256GB, 1x512GB SSD | 6TB NAS Harddisk | Vandkøling fra EK, Hardwarelabs og Enermax |


torsdag, 24. maj 2018, 14:43


Det ser sgu fedt ud!

Toppen af kransekagen bliver når jeg får det ind i skabet, med spejle lys og aktiv køling, men det bliver ikke idag... Alting tager utroligt meget længere tid end man regner med når det skal gøres ordentligt.


I går, 09:08

Har lige smidt den på PCPartsPicker, når man sådan regner det sammen så kom den alligevel til at koste en del.....
Oven i det skal der så tænkes på at priserne der er meget billigere end i DK :ph34r:


Var egentlig ved at downloade spil så jeg kan få overclocket grafikkortet med real world loads, men det tog seriøst lang tid og kunne ikke helt forstå det, indtil det gik op for mig min spil harddisk havde 35% fragmentering!

Så om 16 timer er OO Defrag færdig med at rette op på det lille problem og alting skulle igen køre efter planen :cheers:

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