lørdag, 21. april 2018, 10:56

Må Tweak.dk dele dine billeder mv på vores Facebook gruppe

Det må Tweak.dk gerne :goodpost:

Jeg lover at billederne snart bliver meget mere prima kvalitet, men at stille tingene nydeligt op når man har fingrene i maskinrummet er bare ikke helt sagen

Jeg håber jeg idag får styr på noget cable management og det skulle i den grad hjælpe på kvaliteten


onsdag, 25. april 2018, 21:18

Don't worry, I'm still here.
Things I do now takes soo long time and can barely be seen what I have done.

Last night I ended up working 3 hours doing the pipe connecting my rad outlet to my res inlet, that small piece was super difficult!
I wish I had used soft tubing but damn these chromed pipes look soo good!

It kind of remind me of the engine room on a big ship or something similar, there is pipes, valves, wires everywhere.
Very industrial.... If I did not know it, my first guess would definitely not be that its parts for a computer.

Speaking of wires, I did some wire management in the basement, don't care so much about looks down here, mainly function, the looks is more for up top.
The wires alone almost looks like i'm building a b*mb - cut the blue or the yellow wire???

I ended up reusing a 8Pin EPS connectors sleeves, from a old BitFenix extender I have laying around.
The yellow and blue wires were very noticeable there behind the pump, so for the first long part of the wire its now sleeved in black, so the yellow/blue is only visible if you look trough the hole right below the CPU (invisible when motherboard is installed)

So you see, that's what I meen, 2 pictures and that's already 3 hours work, we are now down the the nitty gritty details.

Stay tuned for more!


onsdag, 25. april 2018, 21:20

Gad vide hvor længe min tråd her har været den mest læste på Tweak? Syntes selv jeg bemærkede det første gang for 14 dage siden eller deromkring, I er godt nok mange der kigger med.

:rules: :cheers:


torsdag, 26. april 2018, 00:04

I have a really long work day tomorrow so I don't expect to get anything done on this until earliest friday.
So I did a little more just now, and now its midnight so I better get to bed.

Undressed my motherboard

Replaced all thermal pads with very high end ones, 14 W/mk 1.5mm

Mounted my CPU blocks backplate

Fired her up with a passive heatsink I have laying around.
Everything just works so far!

Stay tuned for more progress during the weekend.


torsdag, 26. april 2018, 10:44

Gad vide hvor længe min tråd her har været den mest læste på Tweak? Syntes selv jeg bemærkede det første gang for 14 dage siden eller deromkring, I er godt nok mange der kigger med.

:rules: :cheers:
Jeg tror årsagen til at den ligger blandt de mest læste, det er fordi du er den eneste som har gang i sådan et projekt og så er det spændende at følge med i.

Ville ønske at jeg selv turde rode med sådan noget.



torsdag, 26. april 2018, 22:52

Gad vide hvor længe min tråd her har været den mest læste på Tweak? Syntes selv jeg bemærkede det første gang for 14 dage siden eller deromkring, I er godt nok mange der kigger med.

:rules: :cheers:
Jeg tror årsagen til at den ligger blandt de mest læste, det er fordi du er den eneste som har gang i sådan et projekt og så er det spændende at følge med i.

Ville ønske at jeg selv turde rode med sådan noget.

Du har nok ret, jeg er faktisk ret overrasket over hvor død Danmark ser ud til at være gået på det seneste mht. modding og avanceret vandkøling.
Må være fordi det er blevet så nemt bare at smide LED på noget, købe det rette designede kabinet og en AIO og bang så har man et system der virker uden at skulle tænke for meget over det... Det er bare ikke særligt personligt og unikt...

Min største frygt lige nu i forhold til mit projekt er når jeg snart smider vand på, om jeg futter det hele af med en læk, eller det faktisk holder vand - so to say.
Håber jeg finder tid i løbet af denne forlængede weekend til at få færdig gjort noget mere.


torsdag, 26. april 2018, 23:15

Just a small notification. Not an actual update.
There is now more than 12.000 views on the 4 threads I have this build log running on!

That's kind of crazy...

Linus Tech Tips: 2.868 views
Tweak.dk: 3.000 views
Bit-tech.net: 2.767 views
Overclock.net: 3.556 views

I know that one of the sites recently asked for permission to post on the sites official Facebook page, but have not done it yet, so all this is definitely getting some attention.

Hopefully the attention don't die out as I soon am done, a week more or so.

Stay peaked for a grand finally soon!


fredag, 27. april 2018, 01:22

Hvem elsker ikke en god build log - Håber på at starte på en snart.

(Hint: Det lugter lidt af LAN og vandkøling)

The Hoff - Mansens 80er Retro PC
| NZXT H700i| Gigabyte Aorus X370 Gaming 5 | Ryzen 1700 @4.0GHZ | 4x8GB Trident RGB 3200Mhz @2933 Mhz RGB | MSI 1080 Armor OC 8GB | Be Quiet Dark Power Pro 11 650W | 1x256GB, 1x512GB SSD | 6TB NAS Harddisk | Vandkøling fra EK, Hardwarelabs og Enermax |


fredag, 27. april 2018, 17:58

Hvem elsker ikke en god build log - Håber på at starte på en snart.

(Hint: Det lugter lidt af LAN og vandkøling)

Om 30 sekunder får du dagens "fix" :cheers:


fredag, 27. april 2018, 18:00

Now I know how it must be to work in a R&D department of a graphics card manufacturer.
I have heavily modded my Zotac Amp Extreme GTX 1070 today, there is not a card like this by any stretch anywhere else until now.

There will be many pictures today, else it will be difficult for me to show you all the blood, sweat and tears I have been going trough today, been almost working 4 hours on this update.

----------> lets get to it

Started off by drilling holes in my black painted backplate, was pretty scary if it would mess up and rip off the paint but I succeeded.

Mounted the Zotac slogan plate back in its place, it kind of fits the build I'm making, I will push the GTX 1070 and 8600K to the limit

New high quality thermal pads, 14 W/mk, mounted

Put a thermal probe on the backside of the GPU, because it's always nice to have some data to see how things are going.
The yellow tape is kapton tape, made specifically for an application like this

Cooler Master MasterGel Maker 11 W/mk thermal paste for the GPU
Im using this because it should have very good spread, there are some micro scratches in my gpu heatsink, and should therefor be ideal for improving the cooling directly on die of my gpu

Had to figure out how much to use, so did a test mount and clearly used too much, but would not have known if I did not test it out.

Mounted a fan to the top of the backplate, in the holes I started making and threaded, threaded them to have maximum grip for the only 2 screws holding the whole weight of the fan.
It actually works perfectly! Mounted it with some rubber dampers between backplate and fan so everything should be in check, even vibrations.

So now the backplate looks like this

And the front side looks like this

Let me just say it mildly, it took forever to install the graphics card!!!
I had to even unscrew the bracket plate where the connections are, because I could else not angle it into place!
Then screw on the backplate after the gpu was back inside the case.
Dont have any pictures of this process because it was frustrating!!!!

But the result payed off, GPU is now installed and looks way better than before with improved cooling and improved monitoring (the probe)

This is where all my SketchUp work clearly pays off, there is like 1,5mm space between the rad and the back of the graphics card!

Now the machine looks like this and everything is still so far working!!
Don't mind the cabling, am nowhere done with that yet.

Ohh yes by the way, AFTER installing the GPU I noticed I had forgot something... The front USB cables!

THAT was a serious pain in the b-hind to fix, but I am confident it will work next time I get the chance to test it, didnt feel to turn it on right now so actually dont know.

Maybe the cable is not complettely in the right angle, and maybe I pinched the internal wires, but whatever if thats the case...
Lets see if I am lucky yet again and it actually works ;)

Stay tuned for more "manufacturing", see you later :)


lørdag, 28. april 2018, 23:29

Today I did not get as much done as I wanted to, spend a lot of time with my kids instead and enjoyed the weekend.
But there is some progress, getting closer by the day. My best estimate is that I will be able to finish it off by next weekend at this rate.
One of my setbacks is that I installed the GPU fans and discovered that because I there opted for the normal plastic version of Phanteks Halos, that means I missed out on the Asus motherboard adapter to control the digital RGBs...
Did not have that problem on the front fan frames, because I there bought the Lux version that comes including the adapters in the package.
So yet again I have something on the way from Amazon.

Let me show you what I did today, sorry some of the pictures are super soft, was charging my battery for the camera and in some places used the phone instead.

Test fitted the top part, it still fits in its original spot.

As you might notice, I had taped a piece of paper on the underside, so I knew exactly where my new top gpu fan is located.
So had to make a little vent hole in the top.

I wanted to use my biggest rivets, so had to even widen the holes in the vent cover, but it all seems like it turned out like intended in the end.
The build is more and more getting that sleeper vibe, where you would not expect it to be like this on the inside, if you only seen it from the outside.
Similar to old cars there have a ton of changes to the engine and drives like a race car, but looks like a trashcan on wheels.

Next up I thought it was about time to install my heatkiller iv cpu block.
But what was this, there is clearly something wrong with the batch of Hydronaut paste I bought, its extremely hard and can not be spread out at all, not even after I tried heating it with a lighter (before applying it), it actually turned even harder.
Never used this paste before and damn this might be the last time I try it. Is that normal for Hydronaut?

So instead I opted to use my last drop of Kryonaut paste.
I ended up having just enough for 1 application, one very thin spread all over the IHS.

And then it was time to install the block, it looks soo good... No wonder its considered one of the best blocks for Intel CPUs, the build quality is second to none!
-don't mind the light scratches on the top part, mine is a B-ware and was quite a lot cheaper, but its only visible with light directly on it.
The business end is perfectly smooth, very mirror like and could see right into the innards of my camera.

So now it looks like this

There is not one screw in the build I have not touched, not one surface I have not modified, nothing is let up to chance, it's all over the top calculated and measured but it looks like my plan is actually going to work.

I just tried lifting the machine and OMG it's extraordinary heavy!!!
If anything, that's probably the only thing I have not thought of.... Let's see if it has to stay on the table or it will end up in the closed as originally planned, if I can carry it.

Lets finish off for today with one of the sexier shots, see you next time:



søndag, 29. april 2018, 01:22

You know the feeling, when a tiny little detail of something keeps you awake at night and is really annoying you.
Thats what just happened to me now, the rubber dampers on my GPU fan frames were all over the place, not straight and good looking.

Will never really be seen in the finished build, but I know it's there and its a real eye sore if you catch it.
Had to do something!

I have some foam damper I bought many years ago, surprised to see I still remembered where it was. It has a very adhesive backside, so it will stay in place forever!
Left side is before, right side is after.

So now it looks like this:

Notice the 80mm fan on the m.2 SSD cooler?
I just figured, why not, there seems to be space and I have an unused fan header right there + a crap ton of fans so a little gorilla glue double sided tape, a few zip ties and bam, active cooled m.2!
This PC will be a really cool machine, literally.....

Speaking of cool, just took a rather cool looking shot of how it looks right now:

As seen from above, its almost 50/50 white/black.

Now its past 1am at night here in Denmark, better get back to bed, problems solved. Stay tuned for more another time. Goodnight

:sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping:


søndag, 29. april 2018, 23:27

You only get 1 picture today:

I know it's a bad picture, take with my phone and it totally had troubles with the shinny reflective surfaces and lack of color.

I have installed tubes!!

It looks stunning in real life, seriously these chromed brass tubes are so beautiful (never thought I should say that about a computer part).
Wait and see when I make much better pictures for the reveal...

Did not have time to play with water today, so that has to wait.

Stay tuned for more!


mandag, 30. april 2018, 21:50

Today's update is again one of the small ones, not much to say and don't want to reveal too much until its truly done.

I have played with water!

First off, I don't think I told you about my quest to find blue paper towels, that's rather difficult! At least here in Denmark...
I wanted blue, as it will show up drops of water much more noticeable than a white piece of paper does.
Ended up getting a 1.000 pieces huge roll off Amazon! I think I have enough for a while now....

Flushed some distilled water trough the system, just to see if it leaked, and so far no leaks :D
To my surprise it actually only holds a little above 200ml, like maybe 220ml when totally empty. That's really small!

Lastly, I don't want to take any chances shorting anything out, so have hooked the power trough a very rare power filter - the P. Lyngdorf 6A-CAL-6F, hand build by Peter Lyngdorf (look him up, he is a rather famous Danish guy in the audio industry, I used to work for him).

So right now and the coming 24hours my system will run trough Mayhems Blitz Kit Part 2 cleaner, looking like this:

The power supply is my old trusty SeaSonic X400FL fanless, just added a fan to see when the power supply have power if the pump is disconnected.

The rig is humming along at full power, bit annoying but whatever, as long as its for a good cause.
See you next time for a small update!


mandag, 30. april 2018, 23:01

Kan ikke vente til næste update! :clap: :clap: :goodpost:

Jeg ville ønske at mange flere i DK gad fremvise deres custom build og at jeg selv turde splitte min PC helt af. :(



tirsdag, 1. maj 2018, 06:46

Kan ikke vente til næste update! :clap: :clap: :goodpost:

Jeg ville ønske at mange flere i DK gad fremvise deres custom build og at jeg selv turde splitte min PC helt af. :(

Jeg tror de færreste splitter alt ad ligesom jeg har gjort, skiftet termiske pads på VRM, ombygget min graffikkort køler og komplet ommøbleret mine kabinet dele, men resultatet skulle være det hele værd.

Du kommer nok til at holde vejret lidt længe, jeg forventer først at være helt færdig med at skylle igennem og få leveret de aller sidste dele på næste mandag.



tirsdag, 1. maj 2018, 09:46

Fedt projekt. Tweak har delt i deres FB gruppe.


tirsdag, 1. maj 2018, 19:56

Fedt projekt. Tweak har delt i deres FB gruppe.

:finger: :goodpost: :rules: :dance: :love:


tirsdag, 1. maj 2018, 19:56

I just got featured today on Facebook!

Over at the Danish tech site Tweak.dk

Anyway, beside that I decided to make a public Facebook profile, so I can interact with the commenters there without making it too personal.
-so if anyone is interested, now you can even follow me on fb! Will at some point throw more stuff there about other crazy projects I do in my spare time, I am an all-round-nerd. I just don't really like their privacy police about ownership of content, so have to pick and chose wisely.

Rig have now been running Bliz Kit Part 2 for 23 hours and eventually got all the air out, so its actually rather quiet even that its on full speed. Pretty nice.

About time to empty the rig, no leaks so far, and starting to flush it trough a couple of times.

//Catch you later


tirsdag, 1. maj 2018, 23:39

Dang it! I just found out I have ordered the wrong RGB motherboard adapter :(
Its a normal RGB one, not a digital RGB one, like what I need.

It's being delivered tomorrow but whatever.....

So I have now ordered a Phanteks Halos Lux fan frame, because I know it comes with the right adapter.
In the same order is a slimmer 80mm fan for my m.2 cooler, because im fairly sure that the one I put there now, is going to hit the side panel when its back on.
Also, ordered some different pressure valves, as I actually rather have a black than a silver, and not sure what design I like best, so bought both the Thermaltake and the Alphacool one...

I still hope for a reveal latest monday or tuesday next week.


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