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lørdag, 5. maj 2012, 02:07

Well as I said a few days ago I now have the first Hitachi drive:

5K3000 2TB

Bought off eBay in original sealed box so never used, but just for good measures I checked if there was warranty:

I have told you guys I want to cool the drives a little extra, because a cooler drive is a quieter and more reliable drive, what I have in mind is to place two of my 120mm fans in Lian Li fan adapters blowing cold air in through the front and up under the drives.
But to do that I have to cut two holes in the drive cage to let the air pass and that ment disassembling it:

Everything in this case is assembled with a LOT of screws, this is from the drive cage alone:

The end result is going to look something like this:

X-Ray from behind, the green square is the motherboard:

From the front (and yes I have cut out all the holes in the front to make it look more real):

The fan placement from inside the case:

And here are the holes I am talking about, going to make them monday with a friend who have an enormous amount of tools for this kind of job:

Measurements are not totally accurate as the case is stuffed away in the basement until assembly begins, my wife don't like the look of it so she asked me nicely if I could move it out of sight until I really need it, of course my dear :)

More updates will come during the week as a lot of exiting things will happen monday and beyond :D


lørdag, 5. maj 2012, 12:52

I am thinking if I should send back one of the BS03 brackets for a refund and instead buy two Lian Li EX-332N drive cages I can mount in the front like this:

Would look the same from the front but air intake would be much more precise and the mounts are more vibration dampened than the plastic things the Norco came with:

They just fit if I cut a little of the HDD bracket away:

Enough room for ports:

I am really tempted to do it... It would expand the space from 4 drives to 6 - wich eventually would meen I should get a SATA PCI card when I reach that level of drives, as the motherboard only have 6 SATA ports and two of them will be occupied by cache and parity.

Dette indlæg er blevet redigeret 1 gange, senest redigeret af "AT0MAC" (05.05.2012, 15:11)


søndag, 6. maj 2012, 21:06

Measured to see if the two Lian Li EX332NA would fit:

About 26cm, one EX332NA is 14.5cm wide so if I can slim them down 0.75cm on each side of both drive cage I would loose the extra 3cm - it sounds possible to me so I just ordered the Lian Li's :D

I will keep a small line of steel all the way down to the side and keeping one of the mounting holes were it connects to the side of the case.
The only thing it's actually going to hold up is the LEDs and buttons on the front, rest is attached to the upper sheet of metal wich I will not modify at all so should still be sturdy.

The Lian Li cages will be mounted to the upper sheet with some small hex bolt I had laying around. No idea what I originally bought them for, but they will com in handy now :)
Thinking if I need to stick it even better than that? Have some Locktite super epoxy glue I could wip up and fix the upper sheet to the cages, but would that be smart? Woud never ever get them off...

The red scratched out part is the piece I will cut out:

After the surgery with my fake Dremel (been all over town but seems none of the tool shops that are open here on a Sunday sell Dremel :( so had to buy a fake)
To be honest only the tricky corner part form three pictures earlier was cut with the "Dremel", rest was a usual hack saw:

The "Dremel" corner:

Hack saw hack job:

Saved the rest for tomorrow, this hacking and slashing made a hell of noise and it was getting cold/late outside so wanted to get inside

I know I said earlier that this would not be an actual mod, but here you go - I am modding!


mandag, 7. maj 2012, 01:45

As usual I got an idea just before going to bed...

Look at the cables on this picture from earlier in the thread:

Every other cable in the case, like the fans and the power, will be sleeved in black - so why not these?

Thats were Performance-PCs come into play:

The grommet edging is for the cutting I did today, those edges are pretty sharp and sorry to say not completely straight, so I will clean them up with some self adhesive rubber :)

So now this project have parts from all over the world: Denmark, UK, Germany, Netherlands and now US of A, not to mention were the things have been manufactured from, wich is mostly Asia.


mandag, 7. maj 2012, 22:54

Today I ended up not receiving any packages :(

My 3TB HDD from Germany have now arrived in Denmark via DHL, so expected delivery is tomorrow morning (if it comes after I leave for work at 9:30am I will have to go pick it up in the airport nearby later in the week).

I asked the guys who have sold me the motherboard/80mm fans/sd cardreader to return the Lian Li BS03 because a) I do not need it any longer and b) It kept the rest of my order in their hands because the Lian Li had not shown up in their stock deliveries as expected.
So now that order is finally on it's way, some come via GLS and rest via the usual post expected for tomorrow.

My Raidon box and fan for it have maybe been here today, if so then I will get a note for later pickup by tomorrow in my mail.

The Lian Li EX332NA is not send yet, so no idea when it will show up...

Performance-PCs have also only updated to notify me the order have been registered, but not actually send yet...

Can't wait till everything is in my hands, I have a big pile of money being transported around out there :ph34r:


fredag, 11. maj 2012, 00:50

I had the last piece cut out the day after the last update:

(yes I know it is not completely straight, but it should be fixed when I get my edging tape from the US. :duh: )

This is how it looked when I was about to start assembly:

Unscrewed the default fans in the case:

Unpacked the awesome looking PSU:

Mounted it:

Takes up very little space in this chassis:

Today was finally the day packages arrived:

Inside the smallest box was another box:

My 3TB Hitachi was hiding inside:

Next box was my 80mm fans, Kingston card reader and motherboard:

Was a little confused when I saw the box as that did not look like the board I have ordered:

But inside was my D525 :D :

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fredag, 11. maj 2012, 00:51

Unpacked my new NoiseBlocker PWM fans (from 1 to 17dB :D ) :

Notice the edge:

Against the case the edge is covered in detachable silicone:

Even the corners on these fans are made out of rubber, so it's very wobbly (kind of like floating) but I am sure vibrations are pretty much gone :D

They came with some tiny black screws, not real fan screws but looked more like something that is ment to be pushed into the rubber corners and just keep it there...
Hmm I want something a little more robust so found my plastic bolts:

Because they are plastic, then even if they vibrate a little they dont say much, not like the metallic kling kling rattle sounds normal screws edges against a large steel plate can make

Fans mounted:

Put some plast strips in the PSU to hold the fan cables in place, and a cable binder below the motherboard:

Found a little "error", the fan cables are not so tight along the side of the fan if you place the fan to blow into the case, nothing to hold the wires in place. So I opted for some Loctite super glue I had laying around anyway:

Dette indlæg er blevet redigeret 1 gange, senest redigeret af "AT0MAC" (11.05.2012, 01:06)


fredag, 11. maj 2012, 00:54

I had just finished mounting the fans when UPS showed up with yet another package:

Inside it my Raidon HDD box and my new fan for it + a surprise (a free microfone, I do have a camera but never bothered getting a mic for it - how did they knew that?!):

The noisy standart fan had to come off:

Some stripping:

Off with the tacho wire:

Ready to solder:

Problem is though, found out I am out of solder and I lost my heatgun..... Went for the next best thing: Glue and tape!
Just temporary until I get solder, find my heat gun and receive the package from US were I ordered some tiny cable sleeve and heat shrink.

A few rubber discs to prevent vibration (the original fan was just mounted straight on the frame):

Done deal (for now), the fan is mounted so it sucks air out of the box into the chassis, just like the original fan did:

Mounted both drives in the box, an extremely tight fit, so tight it make it bulge a little:

The frame is black plastic, but the doors are painted aluminum that match the painted steel chassis very nicely:

Another detail I really like about this box is that there are no buttons to accidentally hit and eject the discs - you need a special little tool that is in the box to get your HDDs back out (so don't loose it).

Plugged them in via a small USB to Sata adapter I normally use for data recovery or general drive testing:

Yep it is alive, fan working, LED lighting and discs spinning:

A strange little thing that happened when I plugged it in is that my Mac can only see the 3TB Hitachi as 800GB?
Why is that - Mac don't support 3TB or is it the controller in my USB adapter that have a limit?

Todays finished work with fans mounted, PSU mounted, MB mounted and fans plugged into MB (I think I did a pretty good job in cable management:

I hope I get a visit from DPD tomorrow with my Lian Li drive cages and in the beginning of next week I should receive my first package from Performance PC's.
As soon the drive cages have been mounted I will order SATA cables to get the right length.
Also, I want to prepare to max it out with the total 8 drives, so I need yet another package from US with these in.
More updates will follow as the work continues when more parts arrive.

Stay tuned :drink:

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søndag, 13. maj 2012, 19:04

I have received my Lian Li drive cages and on Monday I will start to figure out how to make them fit in the case.

I have been looking around for a way to neatly bring power to my six drives in the Lian Li cages (there is only one drive for now but it never hurt to think ahead).
I asked the guys over at Perfomance-PCs if they could help - and sure thing - they have sponsored me to custom make me a pair of molex -> 3x sata power plugs!
Red wires to match with SATA data cables, black sleeve and black heatshrink... Can't wait to receive their package and thank them SO SO much for the sponsoring - go check out their site, if you are into modifying and cleaning up your PC act they are the place to go!

The cables they have sponsored me are similar to these:

Another update is I have started to make a "pixel perfect" model of the whole build - so far I have made like 80% of the Norco case up to scale with mm precision.
Because of that I figured out there is actually no place I can put all my case badges - I know the server is supposed to hide under my sofa, but whenever I take it out I like to show off directly on the case what awesome equipment it is made from - so I ordered a piece of 25x600mm real woven and lacquered carbon fiber plate! (that was a little pricey but it is going to look epic!) - not any fake sticker or plastic plate printed to look like carbon, this is the real deal!

I am assuming I will cut it to fit and mount it on the front like this (but lets see when I receive it):

The square in the middle is a Performance-PCs case badge :)

I am now officially modder! I draw in 3D, modify and even gets sponsored! :D


søndag, 13. maj 2012, 20:26

Just updated post #1, a little of who I am, what I have done before and most recent update pictures :)

Stay tuned :rules:


mandag, 14. maj 2012, 22:45

I learned a small lesson today:

The guys and girls in crime show CSI are right about Glue fumes making fingerprints visible!

That is what have happened to my NoiseBlocker fans because I glued in the PWM wires, they were a little loose from the factory and would not stick in their plastic bracket.
It now looks like this:

The white parts is finger smudges...

Tried to clean it off with some alcohol, got better but not pristine:


In other news, received my first package from Performance-PCs today:

Inside it was heatshrink, sleeve and rubber edging for my steel cut outs:

Just realized I had not put up pictures of my new drive cages, so here you go:

Tomorrow I hope to have time to sleeve, am still waiting to receive my piece of Carbon fiber and my second package from Performance-PCs. These last few weeks I feel like I am running an import company, SO many packages and deliveries to take care of!

By the way, I need your help: This build need a cool name, what do you suggest I call it?

Primary components are Norco case, NoiseBlocker fans, Hitachi drives, Atom processor, mITX SuperMicro motherboard and a small piece of carbon to finish it off. What names can you come up with???


fredag, 25. maj 2012, 19:46

Hi guys - I'm back!

Sorry for the loss of updates, but I have had a lot of work at my primary job and I have had a lot of trouble with the last few pieces of this build.

First of all I have not yet received my carbon, should arrive one of these days.

Second, my package from Performance-PCs containing power cables for the drives got a little lost. First it arrived, then I went to pick it up, it was no longer there - and today I finally found out it was because customs had picked it up to get it tax evaluated. So today I received it and the cables looks absolute AWESOME!!

Updates in pictures:

Been sleeving cables for the buttons/LEDs in the front of my case:

Half way there:


And the other end:

In total:

Here is the package from US based Performance-PCs who supported me by sponsoring a pair of their really really nice looking power cables:

And here is the cables them selves!!!

Click the logo to go directly to their site for inspiration or to buy the best in computer parts for builders/modders:


mandag, 28. maj 2012, 22:35

ser ud til at blive et super lækkert build det der =P

Hvorfra fik du dine SD kort? har selv overvejet og skifte til den slags kort som du bruger, men kan ikke lige finde en forhandler :S
Måske mig som bare har overset det, men bør du ikke smide lidt støvfiltre foran dine 80mm blæserene nu hvor din Server skal ligge under sofaen?

If you make it idiotproof then some will just make a better idiot.. =P

Asus Maximus III Gene
I7 - 860@4Ghz Corsair H70
Gainward GTX470
Corsair Dominator GT PC17066 4 x 2GB
Creative SB X-Fi XtremeMusic
OCZ Vertes 3 + Intel x-25 m80 2.Gen Triple boot: Lion, W7,Ubuntu
Dell U2711 + vertical Samsung SyncMaster 226BW


mandag, 11. juni 2012, 01:12

ser ud til at blive et super lækkert build det der =P

Hvorfra fik du dine SD kort? har selv overvejet og skifte til den slags kort som du bruger, men kan ikke lige finde en forhandler :S
Måske mig som bare har overset det, men bør du ikke smide lidt støvfiltre foran dine 80mm blæserene nu hvor din Server skal ligge under sofaen?

Der er et link et sted i traaden til hvor SD kortene er koebt, men det er ikke saa relevant for jeg koebte de to sidste de havde :p
Der bliver ikke rigtigt lavet SLC kort mere, kun som CF.

Mht til stoevfilter, jeg har overvejet det men vil gerne have nogen som saa daekker hele front og bagside, men kan ikke finde noget stof/filter der er velegnet til formaalet (plus, vores gulv er meget rent saa tror faktisk ikke det bliver noget problem)


Im sorry I been quiet for so long yet again, but these days I have a lot of work to do in my primary job so not so much spare time to have fun in :(


I have many many pictures I will post whenever I get time, just to mention a few things I have made so far since last time:

  • Been drawing super precise 3D drawings of the build (drawings are not completed yet though as it takes immense amounts of time)
  • Cutting the Lian Li case drives a little smaller so they will fit better
    Ordered a Scytche Quiet Drive 2.5 for the cache disc as it will be the only drive running most of the time I would love to make it the most noiseless (and also make it able to fit in the other 3.5" drawers)
  • Changed my mind to that I will not use the Raidon frontmounted 2.5/3.5 combo drive box as it obstructs my other drive cages (the box is a few mm too wide) and also because in my testing so far the 40mm fan is super annoying (even after I changed it to a more noiseless model)
  • Just ordered a XFX Radeon 5450 low profile graphics card with DVI/VGA/HDMI because I am considering running a dual boot system with either Windows 8 Server or Ubuntu 12 - to use as a low-end HTPC
  • Thinking about buying a Logitech Dinovo Mini for the HTPC usage
  • And lastly, the carbon fiber piece I had ordered in the UK never arrived because it was too long to send as a normal package. Didn't want to overspend on it so have asked for a refund...

Thats all for now, stay tuned till next time I swing by and post pictures and niceness :)


onsdag, 13. juni 2012, 23:58

Let me share a few of my newest sketches, so you can see I am not totally abandoning this project :)
It is still in progress, just a little slow due to other work wich pays more than spare time projects tend to do :p


This is one of the reasons to why I can not use the Raidon box, the space will be a few mm too tight (the grey in front of the fan is the side of a drive cage obstructing the way the front module would be placed normally):

A birds view of the whole thing, notice the black PCB left in the Motherboard, thats the graphics card (only drawn the gfx in estimated size as no one seems to have measured a 5450 card before):

"Glass box" view (were you clearly see the drive cages and back plate both in mm precise drawings):

Same view, different angle:

Will start moving the whole build to my workplace, as I these days spend more time there than home I could easily progress faster than I can here.
Also my wife would love if I did not use the whole living room as my playground :p

Stay tuned! :)


mandag, 18. juni 2012, 22:02

I was recently told I am really good at over complicating things....
So, to keep it short for once:

I received my graphics card but have today chosen to send it back for a refund - reason? There are much better media streamers out there than what I can build my self, it's not worth the effort. Let's keep this NAS simple and efficient! A real pro-nas is no nonsens, so thats the way this will be too.

Another package I received is the disc silencer from Scythe:

A pretty serious little box:

Pure tech porn:


Measuring the bare drive:

Measuring the drive in the box:

Pretty big difference!
It is absolutely silent, or at least it's same as the noise level for the rest of the room - a typical living room noise level.

By the way, since I started modding this project I have found small details everywhere that I can do better.
For once, in the silencer box the thick rubber pads push so much on the drive it actually refuses to start...
And if I remove the pad there are so much air in the box that I can hear something vibrate...
Solution? STP damping mat! Made for silencing doors in car-fi setups, heavy self adhesive pads that can be cut in any shape.

Works like a charm!
Closed up and silent!

Stay tuned for more updates in the near future :)


tirsdag, 19. juni 2012, 22:07

Over night I tested the 2.5" drive in it's box to see if it was still ok, simply because when I tried to close the drive the first time with the original rubber inlay it sounded like a "head crash" - but all sectors seems to be in perfect working order :)

Today I have been trying to figure out were to place the cache drive and the parity drive, I would like them not to be among the data drives so they are easier to find and to maximise space.

Tomorrow I will hopefully do some real world testing but for now I let the pictures talk:

What you can see in the back corner is the two drives placed in one of the original hardddrive cages from the Norco chassis, I can hopefully fit it next to the PCI slot and place my Lian Li fan assembly above it for extra cooling.

Stay tuned for more updates in the near future :)


mandag, 25. juni 2012, 23:30

A few days ago I had the time to mount the drive cages, and here is the proof:

Used the original drive bay holes in one of the steel plates:

The cardboard is the same size as the motherboard:

An extremely nice fit:

Distanced the drive holders with a few mm in between, for minimal vibration:

Time for some real modding:

Original drive holders in a new position, keeping parity and cache disc in place:


mandag, 25. juni 2012, 23:37

I have decided to buy a IBM M1015 controller to run some of the drives from, since 6 SATA ports on the MB was eventually not enough...

Will not receive the card until 7-20 days from now, so all I can do for now is drawing it:

It fits just perfectly!

Stay tuned for more updates in near future :)


tirsdag, 26. juni 2012, 21:30

And now the news:

Today I had a few minutes to pull out the "Dremel" and cut away little more of the original 5.25 cage because I had an epiphany... The newly sleeved front PCB were the USB, on, restart buttons and LEDs are placed, it used to be mounted in the bottom of the drive cage!

But with the drive cage totally rearranged that is no longer possible... So a new solution had to be cooked up and I've come up with a small mounting plate cut out of the original bottom, will be "welded" into the front with chemical metal.

So here we go modding away:

Off to a pretty good start:

Done deal:

The front lip it will be "welded" into the front with:

In other news, the things I ordered yesterday from Germany, like the IBM M1015 controller, have already shipped - so if everything go according to what I guess then I have it here before the end of the week :)

Tomorrow I will see if I can get time to measure cable lengths so I can order the last little detail - SATA(n) and SFF8087 cables!

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